Green Apple + Oil Control Shower Gel

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Green Apple Shower Gel

Find solace in starting your mornings with the simplest of pleasures: the beautiful and refreshing Ellixee Green Apple Shower Gel that is crafted to take your skin to the next level. The all-natural freshness greets you as you lather up the luxurious shower gel and its antioxidants unleash their magic on not just cleaning your skin but giving it the nourishment and care it requires.

The infused green apple extracts also work on restoring the pH value of the skin. It is also helpful in oil control and works like magic on acne prone skin. This shower gel takes your daily routine to an all-new realm with its pleasing aroma and skin care benefits all packed into a product that is sure to win your heart.

Handcrafted with love, Ellixee Green Apple Shower Gel is the right and responsible way to start the day. All Ellixee products and ethical and cruelty free.

Key Benefits

  1. Restores pH of the skin
  2. Reinvigorating aroma
  3. Works on oil control
  4. Cleanses with care
  5. High in antioxidants


Rich in antioxidants, green apple extracts work on oil control and make skin blemish free. It nourishes the skin while cleaning it and improves the overall skin texture with regular use