Japanese Cherry Blossom + De-Tan Facial Kit

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Product Type : Cherry Blossom Series


Japanese Cherry Blossom Detan facial kit

The all new Ellixee Japanese Cherry Blossom Detan Facial kit is curated with the extracts of cherry blossoms and nature inspired ingredients that work on your skin to give it a radiant glow up. The antioxidant properties of cherry blossoms work on skin rejuvenation, protects it from sun damage and reversing the ill effects of tanning.

The five-step skincare routine is a complete skincare regime curated with the goal to cleanse, hydrate and moisturize the skin for the best feeling skin ever! It works on dull, sun-tanned skin and brightens it, giving your skin a smooth texture like never before. The cherry blossom extracts are also a great aromatherapy solution and presents a soothing effect both on your senses and skin.

The five-step skincare routine contains Face Cleanser, Face Scrub, Face Cream, Face Pack and Face Lotion, to be applied in the same order for the best results. All our products are gentle on the skin and are sulphate, paraben mineral oil and cruelty free.

Key Benefits

  1. Detanning action and skin repair
  2. Reverses sun damage on skin
  3. Cleanse, Hydrate and Moisturize
  4. Repairs and brightens dull and damaged skin
  5. Soothing to senses 

Key Ingredients


Packed with antioxidants, the cherry blossom extracts work on reducing the impact of sun damage on skin and give it a renewed look and feel

Gently moisturizes the skin and gives it the nourishing hydration to restore the skins health

Regulates oil production in the skin and is known to reduce dark spots. It also repairs and protects the skin barrier that protects skin from environmental damage

It protects the skin from sun damage and reduces the melanin for effective detan action on the skin

The product also contains the power of several fruit extracts including orange, sugarcane, lemon and sugar maple that work as natural gentle exfoliants and nourishing natural ingredients to rejuvenate the skin and give it a radiant glow