Lavender + Revitalizing skin Shower Gel

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Lavender Shower Gel

Find solace and peace in the busy humdrum of daily mundane life with the Ellixee Lavender Shower Gel. It is more than just a fragrance: lavender extracts are a great addition to any skin care routine due to its impact on the skin.

It addresses bacteria, clearing out any infections on the skin while also combating issues like oil buildup and acne. The gentle cleaning action of the shower gel is supplemented by the many properties of lavender combined with an ethereal fragrance that transform your shower routine into a magical experience of its own.

The fragrance in itself is also very relaxing and is great for those looking for a relaxing shower to wind off for the day. Enjoy guilt free showering experience with the Ellixee Lavender Shower Gel. All our products are cruelty free.

Key Benefits:

  1. Fights bacterial growth
  2. Controls oil buildup
  3. Combats acne
  4. Soothing and relaxing scent
  5. Cleanses with expertise


Lavender extracts are effective against bacterial growth, restoring the quality of the skin and ensuring reduced oil buildup. The extracts also help soothe and combat acne problems with regular use.