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Has your hair lost all its shine and volume? Do you find it breaking off into pesky split ends?

Choose to give your hair the love it deserves with the all new Ellixee Nourishing Shampoo that will pamper it and replenish the nutrients it requires. Flaunt a salon like look everyday with this shampoo which is excellent for dehydrated scalp and a boon for dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Enriched with functional and nutritious oils it nourishes, hydrates, and reconstructs the compromised strands, preventing split ends and reviving natural healthy hair.

Let your hair down with this amazing shampoo that will make you want to flaunt your hair like never before. Discover the amazing effects of the ingredients like honey, aloe, and cottonseed which provide shine, vitality, and bounce to the hair.                                                                                

Key Benefits

  1. Excellent for dehydrated scalp, dry, brittle, and damaged hair
  2. Nourishes, hydrates, and reconstructs compromised strands
  3. Prevents split ends and revives to natural healthy hair
  4. Provides shine, vitality, and replenishes nutrients
  5. Stimulates scalp, prevents hair damage, and increases anagen (hair growth) phase
  6. Improves elasticity of the hair fiber
  7. Nourishes and repairs damaged hair from the inside

Key Ingredients

Honey, Aloe, and Cottonseed provides shine, vitality and replenishes nutrients to your hair from the cortex to the surface deeply recovering the hair fiber.

Cinnamon stimulates the scalp, prevents hair damage, and increases anagen (hair growth) phase while macadamia oil contains fatty acids that attaches to the hair shaft making the hair follicles look thicker and healthier

They repair the natural elasticity of the hair fiber, preventing split ends and tames dry frizzy hair prone to breakage. This shampoo gives your hair a wonderful boost and ensures that it looks fresh again and leaves hair incredibly soft, shiny, and healthy