Voluminizing Hair Mask

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Want all eyes on you? Want to turn heads when you flaunt your hair?

Choose the Ellixee Volumizing Hair Mask today to get that breathtakingly beautiful hair no one can take their eyes off. Unleash the power of bouncy, smooth, and frizz free hair that has volume that is unparalleled. Healthy, shiny, and nourished hair powered by almond oil magic that works on giving your hair much cherished density and volume.

This Nourishing and hydrating hair mask will leave your hair feels healthier and smoother while giving it a body and bounce. Twirl around and let your hair spin tales of beauty with this volumizing hair mask that will keep you hooked for more.                                                                                                                                                 

Key Benefits

  1. Re-densifying hair mask
  2. Gives extra volume and bounce to the hair
  3. Improves scalp circulation
  4. Increases density and strengthen follicles
  5. Loaded with vital nutrients that boost hair strength
  6. Reduces breakage promote cellular growth
  7. Smoother, shinier, hydrated, and more nourished hair

Key Ingredients

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 has been specially included to give extra volume and bounce to the hair. Biotin is known to improve scalp circulation, increase density and strengthen follicles which gives the hair a fuller look.

Honey and Aloe extracts are loaded with vital nutrients that boost hair strength and structure while reducing breakage, they have an amazing ability to promote cellular growth and strengthen hair follicles that have become dormant, further promoting new hair growth

Almond oil contains high amounts of Vitamin E that penetrates the hair and fill in gaps with fatty acids at cellular level. Vitamin E also acts as an anti-oxidant combatting the environmental stress around your hair making your hair look younger and healthier

The nourishing and hydrating properties of Shea butter and Argan oil conditions hair, seals split ends, fights dry frizzy hair and boosts shine making your hair silky soft